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A surprising sentence came out of my mouth at a workshop last week.  The leader repeated it, then turned around, flipped to a new sheet on his chart rack and wrote my sentence, phrase by phrase, each one in a different color:   Letting go of my excuses means I’m free to be who I… Continue reading

Common Core Vent

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I just finished a video chat with Nancy and among other things we talked about the problems Mason is having in his English class … particularly with writing. I started this “vent” yesterday because of what  the new curriculum (based on the “one-size-fits-all Common Core Standards) is doing to my own grandson. Anyway … when… Continue reading

Experiment …

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No one is subscribed to this blog except for Richard and Marle.  I’m glad that I decided to take that “30 Day Challenge” down from my Meanderings sit …. but I’m going to play with that on this one. I’m sick today and Rich just handed me a letter from Shannon … so I’m going… Continue reading