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After a spurt of inspiration almost two years ago (July-August 2016), I became distracted (as is my habit) and moved on to other projects. My inspiration was to use this blog to finally “really” write my book about teaching writing.

It’s now been two years … and I had another spurt of inspiration yesterday.  I spent 4 hours with Brigit – a writer who lives just across the greenbelt from me in Palm Desert. After talking to her – and reading the first two chapters of her book, and am finally committed to taking the “next best step” toward returning to where I left off in August 2016 see where I end up.

About an hour ago my friend Carol called me.  She also lives in our park but is going to spend the summer in Brookings.  I told her all about what happened with Brigit … which is pretty much what she’s been telling me I need to do with my writing since I met her … two years ago!

So … I came back to this blog and have deleted two people who supported me two years ago and probably wonder why I stopped posting. (I’ll explain if/when I run into them again.)  So at this point there are only two subscribers …. Marle and Richard.  When Carol and Brigit accept the invitations that are pending there will be four.

So … that’s why I’m writing.  The other reason is that I had yet another spurt of inspiration this morning and wrote an introduction that may or may not find its way into the final draft.  Either way it gives me a platform to write the real “first step” which is about creating a safe “community of writers” within a classroom – starting on the first day.

Here’s what the book looks like so far:



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