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I started using  Edublogs in 2009 because I wanted to see if it could be used as an on-line literature circle with a small group of kids who were reading Call of the Wild.  I had limited success with that – partly because I was just learning about blogging, but also because the school year ended before I could really figure it out.

This time around I want to use it to resurrect the ideas that I had planned to call “Homeschool Away from Home” at Upper Chetco Charter School in 2005.  At that time the technology for on-line education was in its infancy, but now I feel like the time is right to move forward.

I’m not sure of what it will eventually be, but for now I’m going to use it as an on-line filing cabinet for the stuff I’ve already developed for L2W/W2L. Since so many of my hard copy files were stolen with my car on May 8, 2016, it’s going to feel good to get the ones I have left organized in a place that hopefully is safe!


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    • Yes you are! Now I have two subscribers (including my husband ;-)!) I just learned how to set it up so that I can comment directly on your comment …. and would be interested to know whether or not Shannon, Nancy, and/or Darrell are notified. Also wonder if you (Sue) are notified. You have to check the box under “Post Comment” if you want to be in a discussion. That could be a problem if hundreds of people are commenting … but for now it’s just the two of us ;-)!

  1. Thank you for reading, Shannon, Darrell and Nancy …

    I’ve been asked about my audience for this book. I’ve always been too general and as a result I’ve asked the wrong people to read what I write. If they don’t really get what it’s like to be in the classroom, their comments can feel discouraging.

    So… from now on I will say that I’m writing for frustrated/overwhelmed teachers (grades 4-8) and/or homeschooling parents who don’t have time to read books …

    The parents I’m writing for have become frustrated with the system and have decided to homeschool their kids. The only way they know how to do that is to replicate the traditional structure and set up a smaller version of the same type of classroom they’ve pulled their kids out of. Now they find they are still feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

    The teachers are the ones who fully understand their role “in loco parentis” and want to make their classrooms feel like a “home away from home” … but they don’t know how to do that and keep the administration happy at the same time.

    I’m not sure if I can explain how to do that, but I want to try…

    PS … please let me know if you are notified about this comment. You have to check a box under “Post Comment” … but you might already know that. I’d love to have you subscribe to this blog and follow along and of course I love your comments …

    • Hi Nancy … Yes … your comment came through. I’m starting to move very fast on this and would love for you to subscribe. Your comments are REALLY valuable. I love writing this way!!!! I’m looking forward to talking to you after the meeting tomorrow about your ideas for working with kids … :-)!

    • Hi Darrell! I’m amazed that you wrote this comment only 12 days ago! I would love for you to subscribe because you helped me develop so much of what I’m going to be writing. I’ve decided that I’m going to stop emailing my friends and asking them to read stuff. That’s partly because I know that everyone is busy and may not have time even though they might be interested. I figure that if people want to follow this project it’s easy enough to put their email in the box. When you subscribe you’ll only be notified about new posts on the Blog. That will be sporadic at first but once I have the book ready to submit I’ll try to post just once a week …

      We’ll be in Brookings until November. I feel like I’ve started over with an on-line version of UCCS and would love to get together and catch up.

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